You probably already know what mulch is however there are many types of mulch and just as many tricks for laying and also a few tips to get best results for your hard work.

Reasons for Mulching and How to Mulch

1. Is to conserve water. By having mulch on your soil you will be able to reduce water by up to 60%

2. The prevention of invasive weed species that compete for soil moisture and nutrients.

3. Mulch keeps the soil at a constant temperature

4. Organic mulch is excellent because it adds extra organic matter to your garden beds. Improving soil structure drainage and microbial activity along with worms.

5. There are different types of mulch for instance straw based mulch pea, lucerne, tea tree, cane and bean can had in bales or the neater chopped product.

6. The advantage of bark based mulches is they take longer to break down and don’t have to be redone so often. They always come in a variety of grades and colours for you to choose from.

7. By choosing inorganic materials such gravel or stones or scoria is they don’t break down. But are attractive and come in a range of colours. It is useful to know before you lay that keeping the beds clear of falling leaves is important as it looks very messy say under a tree or hedge.

8. So the depth you plan to lay mulches usually between 2 to 6 cm unless it is straw bale which is much thicker.

9. Lastly it is better to put lawn clippings leaf pruning and leaf litter in the compost and let them break down there first and more naturally. Compost is not a good mulch, it is more of soil conditioner and used under the mulch